Afrika Korps 8.8cm Flak 37
Originally developed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Flak 37 8.8cm (or Eighty-eight as it became known by Allied troops) had a high muzzle velocity to allow it to reach the higher ranges modern bombers were capable of at the time. This...
British Expeditionary Force 1940
To Commemorate Dunkirk, 26 May - 4 June 1940, and in preparation for the Bolt Action Summer Campaign 'Invasion Of Britain' we bring you a series of Bolt Action Armies flavoured to depict these heroic men, of all nationalities, that...
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British Home Defence Force
Tasked with defending Britain with everything it's got, the BEF uses the LDV and their ingenuity to help stave off the German onslaught. This Army contains: 1 x British Expeditionary Force 1 x BEF Infantry Section 1 x Royal Navy...
£266.50 £240.00
BUF anti-tank and support squads
The BUF had no access to military artillery of any sort so were required to make improvised rocket-mortars from blasting materials stolen from quarries and so forth. A handful of Boys anti-tank rifles with limited amounts of ammunition were seized in...
BUF Fifth Column
£45.00 £41.00
BUF Fifth Column
This bundle contains 2 BUF Action Squads, 1 BUF Anti-tank team + support team, 1 BUF Group Leader with two BUF bodyguards and Oswald Mosley with his retinue, this will give you: 1 Metal Oswald Mosley with 2 metal bodyguards 1...
£45.00 £41.00
Coastal Defence Bunker Complex
Defend an entire coastline with this complete coastal defence bunker complex! With each bunker hosting a PaK 40 and tough Kriegsmarine, plus the Flak bunker having the additional AA power of the Flak-43 on top, makes this a very deadly...
Early German Blitzkrieg Force
To Commemorate Dunkirk, 26 May - 4 June 1940, and in preparation for the Bolt Action Summer Campaign 'Invasion Of Britain' we bring you a series of Bolt Action Armies flavoured to depict both the Allies and Axis forces, of...
French Defence Force 1939 - 1940
The German war machine looms over the French superpower after they already blasted through Belgium and Poland. Standing ready, the French armed forces are trained and prepared to beat the invaders back and show them that the French people are...
£105.00 £90.00
German Heer 75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun (Winter)
Germany's aggressive campaigns of conquest ensured that her armies would fight in many countries far from the fatherland and in starkly contrasting terrain and weather conditions. German soldiers were well-equipped for their venture into Europe, and later North Africa, but...
Hungarian Army Pak 40 anti-tank gun
The 7.5 cm PaK 40 (7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40) was a German anti-tank gun developed in 1939-1941 by Rheinmetall and used during the Second World War. PaK 40 formed the backbone of German anti-tank guns for the latter part of...
IS2 Platoon
Most properly known as the Iosif Stalin 2 tank (IS-2) it is also widely known as the anglicised Joseph Stalin 2 (JS-2) heavy tank. Making its combat debut early in 1944, the IS-2 was designed predominantly as a heavy tank...
Japanese Island Defence Force 1500pt
The Special Naval Landing Force troops were some of the best of all Japan's fighting men. Deployed in amphibious landings, their well planned and fanatical attacks won them many victories. If however they encountered a determined defence their light equipment...
Korean War: Chinese PVA 45mm anti-tank gun
The Soviet-produced 45mm Model 1937 light anti-tank gun was based on the German 37mm PaK 36 design. The AT gun looks much the same as a PaK 36 or PaK 40 constructed and housed on the same carriage. In Bolt...
Korean War: Chinese PVA 75mm pack howitzer
The small calibre 75mm M1A1 was a light pack howitzer widely used during WWII and the civil war in China. This was the same 75mm used by US Airborne forces in WWII. Chinese Nationalists were initially supplied with this weapon...
Korean War: North Korean KPA heavy mortar team
The KPA used the 120mm mortar which had a range of about 6,000 yards. Although even heavier mortars were produced, these were breech-loading Soviet model weapons with carriages and required towing vehicles to move, making them true artillery pieces. The...
Korean War: North Korean KPA M-42 anti-tank gun
The 45mm anti-tank gun, M1942, was designed to provide a weapon with greater penetrative power. However, like the prior M1937, it was outdated against the modern UN armour. The light-weight gun is mounted on the modified carriage of the M1937...
Korean War: North Korean KPA ZIS-3 divisional gun
The ZiS-3 was a Soviet-made 76mm used during the Great Patriotic War. Zis stood for Zavod imeni Stalina (factory named after Stalin), named after the honorific title of the first factory to manufacture the weapon. The weapon was popular with...
Polish Release Bundle
£111.00 £96.00
Polish Release Bundle
To make things simple, we made this bundle so you can just add this item and receive all the Polish Airforce releases. This massive bundles contains: 2x Polish Airborne Infantry, which contains 10 Polish Airborne infantrymen each, so totaling at...
£111.00 £96.00
Soviet 82mm medium mortar team (Winter)
The standard Russian medium mortar of the war was the 82-PM-41 or 82mm battalion mortar Model 1941. This served alongside the otherwise similar 82mm Model 1937. Both were very effective and accurate weapons with a range of about 3,000 yards....
Soviet Ampulomet Team
Pack contains 3 metal crew figures and 1 metal gun. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
The Battle For Normandy Ultimate Collection
The Allies have launched their combined assault onto the dug-in Axis forces. This bundle contains both, the overwhelming might of the US forces dwelling onto the coast of France and the determined defences of the Germans. This massive set contains:...
US Airborne 1500 point army (1944-1945)
Gather your men in this complete 1500 point airborne force, compiled from the upcoming Market Garden campaign book. This army includes new units such as the section of 3 airborne armoured jeeps and Dutch Resistance fighters to lead the way!...
US Airborne 57mm anti-tank gun (1944-45)
The 57mm M1 anti-tank gun was a close copy of the British QF 6pdr which was itself also used by some American units. The M1 originally fired an armoured-piercing shell weighing 2.272kg but this soon proved to be insufficient to...
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