Bolt Action Campaign Sea Lion and Gigant PDFs
Invade the British Isles with the complete Operation Sea Lion and Operation Gigant campaign PDF bundle. First, lead a wave of assault boats across the channel with the fantastic Operation Sea Lion book, covering the desperate defence of the south...
Blood Red Skies PDF Starter Rulebook
Tactical Level Air Combat for Two or More Players During the twentieth century, mankind created a wholly new form of warfare – the air war. Flying machines of increasing complexity took to the skies, first to observe the enemy and...
Blood Red Skies PDF Starter Rulebook – French
Combat Aérien à l’Échelle Tactique pour Deux Joueurs ou Plus Durant le vingtième siècle, l’humanité a créé une façon totalement nouvelle de faire la guerre : la guerre aérienne. Des engins à la complexité croissante prirent leur envol, tout d’abord...
Bolt Action 2 FAQ
We present the latest FAQ for Bolt Action. This PDF is the most up to date source for rulings and replaces any previous documents. Errata are changes to the text of the published books, changes that will be made in...
K47 Resurgence PDF
A long-awaited arrival for the Konflikt '47 sees its universe finally expanding as new armies, units, rules and scenarios take centre stage of this book. Also within this book contains many rule amendments to adjust Konflikt '47 away from first...
Konflikt '47 Defiance PDF
This book is the second supplement for Konflikt ’47 and seeks to expand the game’s boundaries further by introducing more units, forces and army build options. The largest section of this supplement introduces the divided nation of Italy, with the...
Digital Armies of Italy and the Axis eBook
While many nations flocked to the side of the Allies, others joined forces with Germany as part of the Axis. This volume is the definitive guide to the armies of Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Finland. Fight the Winter War...
Italian painting guide - digital download
This 7 page Painting Guide will provide you with a step-by- step guide to painting the basic infantryman of the Italian Army in their grey cotton uniforms (perfect for summer marching and fighting) and the Italian answer to the StuG...
Algoryn Digital Army List
Free Algoryn Army List PDF V3.
Boromite Digital Army List
Free Boromite Army List PDF V3.
Gates Of Antares Base One Nexus - GoA Light Rules
Antares Base One covers the basic rules and forces (well, a bit more than the basic) in an easy to follow format. The games designer, Rick Priestley, produced this set as a taster for the full game and as an...
Blood Red Skies PDF Starter Rulebook – German
" Ein Spiel taktischer Luftkämpfe für 2 oder mehr Spieler. Im 20. Jahrhundert schuf die Menschheit eine völlig neue Form der Kriegsführung - den Luftkrieg. Fliegende Maschinen von zunehmender Komplexität stiegen in den Himmel, zuerst um den Feind zu beobachten...
Digital Hail Caesar Army Lists - Late Antiquity to early Medieval PDF
The following armies are included: Palmyran Middle Imperial Roman Sassanid Persian Goths Early Saxon Franks Huns Late Imperial Roman African Vandals White Huns Gepids Spanish Visigoths Ostrogothic Italy Early Byzantine Lombards Scots-Irish Arthurian-British Welsh Merovingian Franks Avars Picts Khazars Arab...
Beyond the Gates of Antares FREE Quick Start Rules PDF
Get a taste of Beyond the Gates of Antares with these downloadable Quick Start rules to try at home or at your club! Completely FREE!
Digital Armies of Great Britain PDF
With this latest supplement for Bolt Action, players can now build an army for Great Britain and the Commonwealth. From early campaigns in Europe to the deserts of North Africa and the jungles of the Far East, British forces faced...
Digital Armies of Germany 2nd Edition PDF
'Armies of Germany 2nd Edition' is a supplement for our award winning tabletop wargame Bolt Action, and deals with the German Army of World War II. Within you will find background and details of the German Army’s organisation and equipment...
Concord Digital Army List
Free Concord Army List PDF V3.
Freeborn Digital Army List
Free Freeborn Army List PDF V3.
Isorian Digital Army List
Free Isorian Army List PDF V3.
Freeborn Garrison Patrol PDF
Free Freeborn Garrison Patrol PDF
Ghar Empire Digital Army List
Free Ghar Empire Army List PDF V3.
Ghar Outcast Digital Army List
Free Ghar Outcast Army List PDF V3.
Beyond the Gates of Antares Official Rules Amendments
Free Beyond the Gates of Antares Official Rules Amendments
Digital Hail Caesar Army Lists - Biblical & Classical PDF
In this, our first expansion for Hail Caesar, Rick presents no less than 63 army lists for the Biblical and Classical periods along with points costs and army composition. It is also replete with the imgaes of fantastic armies that...
British painting guide - digital download
This 7 page Painting Guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to painting an infantryman of the British Army, and the Cromwell Cruiser-class tank. The basic colour schemes depicted here were used in the European Theatre, from the early...
German painting guide - digital download
This 7 page Painting Guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to painting the basic infantryman of the German Heer (Army) and one of the most ubiquitous German tanks of the war - the Panzer IV. In most circumstances,...
Digital Glory Hallelujah! PDF
‘Glory Hallelujah!’ – the American Civil War 1861 – 1865 supplement for Black Powder. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the fledgling United States of America. Years of seething hostility between the North and South boiled over as...
French painting guide - digital download
This 7 page Painting Guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to painting the basic infantryman of the French Army and arguably the best tank available to any army during the early stages of the war - the Somua...
Digital Albion Triumphant Volume 2 The Hundred Days campaign PDF
On a damp, overcast Sunday in June 1815, twenty years of continuous warfare the Napoleonic Wars came to a violent and bloody conclusion on a rain-soaked field in Belgium. These wars were truly a world affair, with European powers fighting...
Digital Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook PDF
The 2nd edition offers the same fantastic World War II gameplay with its exciting order dice system and mixed armies of infantry, tanks and artillery. Key New Features Officers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift...

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