SPQR: Dacia & Sarmatia - Sarmatian Cataphracts
Sarmatians loved their cavalry, fielding thousands at a time, and none were more favoured than their heavy cataphracts. Wielding the kontos, a very long spear used two-handed, with both horse and rider clad from head to foot in armour, they...
SPQR: Dacia & Sarmatia - Sarmatian Cataphract command
The favoured cataphracts of the Sarmatians thundered across the battlefield in their thousands - highly capable and heavily-armed cavalry ready to charge down and smash through the toughest of enemies. The cataphracts command box set allows you to add a...
SPQR: Germania - Heroes
A chieftain or warlord of his tribe, the Germania hero has the respect of all those below him, having earned it with his sword and spear. In battle, the hero will be found where the fighting is at its most...
SPQR: Germania - Horsemen
No less fierce than warriors on foot, the cavalry of the Germanic tribes tended to be used in hit and run attacks, striking enemies in the flank then chasing them down as they routed. They would avoid head-on charges into...
SPQR: Germania - Horsemen command
Provide extra boons to a cavalry unit with a musician and standard bearer - as well as an ideal alternative sculpt for representing a lightly armed mounted hero, showing off his superiority by displaying the severed head of a defeated...
SPQR - 1000 Denarii Warriors of Gaul Warband
MinionsThe strength of a Gaul Warband is not in the might of an individual warrior, capable though he might be. The ultimate power of a Gallic Warband lies in the sheer quantity of warriors that can they throw at the...
£132.00 £118.00
SPQR: Gaul - Heroes
To lead your warband, you'll need powerful heroes. Vercingetorix of the Arveni tribe was a Gallic Chieftain who united the tribes of Gaul to repel Caesar's invasion of 52BCE. Lucterius fought against the Roman empire until the climax of the...
SPQR: Gaul - Horsemen
The Gaul horsemen were heavy cavalry, consisting of the richest nobles of a given tribe. Capable of delivering a swift hammer blow to the enemy ranks, they make a powerful addition to any warband. Contains: 6 resin cavalry figures Horsemen...
SPQR - 1000 Denarii Caesar's Legions Warband
Minions Warbands from Caesar’s Legions represent a small force split off from a legion for an extended period of time to achieve specific objectives; Though Caesar’s Legions Warbands have perhaps the best soldiers of the ancient world they will always...
£72.00 £64.00
SPQR: Caesar's Legions - Heroes
A wealth of legendary leaders are available to lead your legionaries in SPQR campaigns. Julius Caesar's eventual victory in the Gallic Wars would give him the powerbase to eventually reform the republic into an Empire. Pompey achieved many victories including...
SPQR: Caesar's Legions - Roman Cavalry
Roman cavalry forces hit hard and quickly; able to take swift advantage of enemy troops which had been pinned down by allied legionaries, They were extremely effective at running down retreating enemy combatants. Contains: 6 resin cavalry figures Roman Cavalry unit...
SPQR: Caesar's Legions - Roman Cavalry command
Supplement your cavalry with their own Roman Cavalry Command, offering equipment options of horn and standard. Contains: 3 resin cavalry figures Roman Cavalry unit card Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
SPQR - 1000 Denarii Macedonian Mounted Warband
Warlorder Dan has constructed this 1000 Denarii mounted Macedonian force. This army is extremely capable in close quarters; should any mounted unit inflict heavier casualties during a turn in which they charged than their opponent, they will receive a free...
SPQR: Macedonia - Heroes
To lead your force, you'll need a suitably capable hero. As well as a generic hero on foot that you can develop in a campaign however you like, this set includes three renowned heroes of legend. These heroes are a...
SPQR: Macedonia - War Elephant
Alexander was the first European to face war elephants in battle and, after defeating the Persians at the Battle of Gaugamela, became impressed enough by their potential that he incorporated them into his army. A War Elephant makes for a...
SPQR: Macedonia - Hetairoi Cavalry
The Companion Cavalry were regarded in Alexander’s time as the best heavy horse units in the ancient world. They pioneered many new tactics including the famous wedge. A unit of Hetairoi bearing down on weak infantry could smash the enemy...
SPQR: Macedonia - Macedonian Cataphract command
If you have a cavalry-centric force, you'll need a mighty mounted hero to lead it! This boxed set also contains a standard and musician. Contains 3 cavalry miniatures in new Warlord Resin Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
SPQR: Macedonia - Macedonian Cataphracts
You can upgrade Macedonian Hetairoi into heavily armoured cavalry, known as cataphracts. A cataphract is a heavily armoured warrior that will prove very difficult to unsaddle. Though more cumbersome than some cavalry, due to their barded steeds and cuirasses, a...
SPQR: Mercenaries - Parthian Horse Archer command
Supplement your Parthian horse archers with a command group to include banner and horn. These can provide you with a particular boon. The banner confers a re-roll for bravery checks to friendly units. This couples well with the Parthian's enhanced...
SPQR: Mercenaries - Parthian Horse Archers
Parthians were renowned for their cavalry, and none more so than their horse archers. Their well-rehearsed tactic of feigning retreat only then to turn around and unleash a storm of arrows into their would-be pursuers is legendary. In SPQR, Parthian...
SPQR: Mercenaries - Numidian Cavalry
Renowned as the best horsemen in Africa, Numidians went into battle with no armour but were adept at harassing slower enemy units with javelins and faced enemy cavalry with ferocious zeal. Best employed on the flanks of a warband rather...
SPQR: Dacia & Sarmatia - Sarmatian light cavalry
While the cataphracts earned all the glory, it was the wave upon wave of light cavalry that formed the core of a Sarmatian force. Whether carrying short spears or bows, these riders could keep an enemy perpetually off-balance, slowly whittling...
SPQR: Dacia & Sarmatia - Sarmatian horse archers
While the cataphracts earned all the glory, it was the wave upon wave of light cavalry that formed the core of a Sarmatian force. Whether carrying short spears or bows, these riders could keep an enemy perpetually off-balance, slowly whittling...
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