Cart Set (3)
Seen throughout the ancient world be you a soldier, farmer or builder to move vast quantities of materials from A to B you'll need something more substantial than a slave with a strong back. these kits pulled by oxen or...
Statue Plinths
A city built by heroes and noble families, what better way to commemorate a triumphant general or a deified Emperor, could your character one day stand in glory over the eternal city? The terrain is made from MDF and is...
Scaffolding Set
A city teeming with a million people, all needing housing, the housing needing constant repair. Rome was a city constantly changing appearance especially when the emperors seized power and sought to make their marks permanent! Thus builders were forever erecting...
Small Treadwheel Crane
Larger and more efficient sibling to the Magna Rota, more at home on the docks unload vast volumes of cargo inbound to Rome from the wider empire. The terrain is made from MDF and is part of Sarissa Precisions Streets...
Large Treadwheel Crane
The Magna Rota, or treadwheel crane, could lift 6000 kg used in construction and unloading large cargoes on the docks this beast was used well into the middle ages. The terrain is made from MDF and is part of the...
Fountain Set
Ancient Rome was renown as a city of fountains. A city of a million people needed access to free, clean drinking water and this was the best way to achieve this. Fed by a vast network of aqueducts these pieces...
Slave Market Set
Rome is a nation built on conflict, the defeated enemy, those not put to the sword anyway were dragged to Rome in chains to be filtered into the slave markets. Vast sums could be earned as the victims were sold...
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