Mounted Mercenary Captain (Wars of Religion)
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary.
Firing Ottoman Janissary Arquebusiers Regiment
24 man strong, these firing lines could create devastating results if placed or timed correctly! The Arquebus was more than powerful enough to cleave through most armament at the time! This set contains: 1 x Ottoman Janissary Command B blister...
£38.00 £35.00
Advancing Ottoman Janissary Arquebusiers Regiment
Precision and coordination were essential for any Arquebusiers Regiment. As a result, this made them reliable assets on the battlefield and any commander could call on them in dire moments to pull through. This set contains: 1 x Ottoman Janissary...
£38.00 £35.00
Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte cavalry command
Heavy cavalry leaders had to be strong warriors and great combatants as heavy cavalry can be often seen as the elite or shock troop of the main force. With their main goals usually being to break through the front lines...
Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Heavy Cavalry Regiment
A heavy cavalry regiment is a sight to behold as they rush the front lines and overwhelm the enemy! This set contains: 1 x Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Cavalry Command 2 x Ottoman Sipahi of the Porte Heavy Cavalry...
£36.00 £33.00
Deli Light Cavalry Regiment
Great at dealing with skirmishers and ranged units, their manoeuvrability is paramount. If poised correctly, an entire Deli light cavalry regiment would flank and rout the enemy! This set contains: 1 x Deli Light Cavalry Command blister pack 3 x...
£40.00 £36.00
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