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Our New Plastic Tank
The Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B, known as the Jagdtiger (hunting tiger) was the heaviest tank ever to see action during World War Two.

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The Commonwealth Answers the Call
A Wonderfully detailed Plastic Infantry Kit Brings British and Canadian Soldiers to fight for King, and Commonwealth!

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New to Warlord Games?

New to Warlord Games?
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Helping you with your shipping cost
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Lend Lease Reaches the Soviet Union
A Collection of Soviet Infantry Units not seen before, and a New Plastic M5 Stuart, for all your Light Armour needs.

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Occupying Forces Beware!
A Huge Range of French Partisans are available to order now, Sporting 'Liberated' weapons and 'borrowed' heavy support!

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Celebrate Native American History and Folklore in a collaboration of beautifully sculpted models and fast paced bloodshed.

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