Pike & Shotte

28mm historical tabletop wargame covering the Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, Italian Wars and Wars of Religion.


Main Rulebook

The hard-back rulebook for 28mm pike and musket wargaming.

Pike & Shotte Starter Set

Contains pike, shotte and cavalry - 82 models in all - plus the full hardback rulebook.

English Civil Wars

Royalists and Pariamentarians fight for control of the nation in the English Civil War.

30 Years War

The Thirty Years War ravaged whole countries, as the first truly national armies marched over Europe.


Italian Wars

Field the flamboyant Landsknechts in Italian mercenary armies.

Feudal Japan

Samurai and Ashigaru fight for their clan, Shogun or Emperor.

Wars of Religion

Spanish Conquistadores explore the New World while Christians battle the Ottomans.


A range of castles and forts, trees and walls to set the scene on your tabletop.

Paint & Tools

A great selection of paints and tools to prepare your forces for battle.