Order Dice pack - Brown
Pack contains 12 Warlord Games order dice.
Barbarian 1000 Point Starter Army
We've scoured our Hail Caesar range to put together this fantastic starter army for Warlords of Erehwon. The whole army bristles with ferocious rage, ready to slip its traces and charge into the fray, howling a bestial battle cry. In...
£62.50 £56.00
Ghost Archipelago Crewmen
Expert buccaneers and experienced fighters, these swashbucklers give trained soldiers a good run for their money. Willing to fight dirty, their enemies will always have to keep on their toes for any tricks these crewmen might have up their sleeves....
Oathmark Human Infantry
Facing the many horrors from the world of Erehwon these soldiers stand steadfast against a variety of horrors. Trained with a variety of weaponry, these men can be a flexible fighting force. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Sold Out
Order Dice pack - Red
Pack contains 12 Warlord Games order dice.
Warlords of Erehwon 1000pt Knight Starter Army
We've put together this fantastic bundle using miniatures from our Pike & Shotte range to paint a different picture of the Knightly Retinue. The baroque, gothic lines of the early renaissance present an interesting and colourful aesthetic for your army!...
£70.00 £69.00
Frostgrave Wizards II
Every Warlord needs his advisors, who better than a wizard to 'negotiate' with one's enemies... These plastic Frostgrave Wizards are the perfect combination of parts, enabling you to create unique battle wizards tailored to your armies needs. This boxed set...
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