Victory at Sea Regia Marina fleet box
At the time of Italy’s entry into World War Two, she possessed a modern and – on paper at least – highly effective fleet. Four battleships and eight heavy cruisers were available, with three more battleships being fitted out. However,...
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Victory at Sea: Vittorio Veneto
The Littorio class was the first new Italian battleship class for nearly a decade when design work began in 1930. Initially designed to remain within the 35,000-ton Washington Treaty limit, the final displacement was just over 40,000 tons. As well...
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Victory at Sea - Regia Marina Submarines & MTB sections
Submarines: Compared to a German Type VII C submarine, the Marcello-class were much larger, displacing 1,060 tons versus 769. Speed and range between the two classes were almost similar, but the Marcello-class had more torpedo tubes than the famous U-Boat....
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Victory at Sea - Regia Marina Dice and Dice bag
Supplement your new naval arsenal with a dice bag emblazoned with your chosen Victory at Sea fleet's nation flag, and matching coloured dice. Warning: not guaranteed to make you roll better.... Includes 4 x D10 and 10 x D6
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