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Lance Holden
Where's oddballs decals

I brought oddballs Sherman a while ago but the decals are just a set of generic ones, not like the ones on the photos on the box

stephen flashman
Oddball's Custom Sherman

For fans of the 1970s film 'Kelly's Heroes' the three M4A3 Sherman tanks co-opted to join the raiding party are among the 'stars' of the movie. We first meet the displaced (or deserted?) unit in camp, where it's obvious that these guys have seen service in North Africa, possibly Italy and are now in France. The three 'battle buggies' have been customized by their long-serving crews in a variety of ways both for comfort and for military reasons. Indeed, at rest, the position looks more like a gypsy encampment than a military post.

Warlord Games have faithfully depicted Oddball's command tank as described by its commander in the film. There's the attached and definitely non-standard loudspeaker to play music while going into battle, the length of drain-piping to 'convert' the 76mm gun into a 90mm to fool the enemy and lots of extra stowage including knapsacks, tarps, track links, buckets, boxes and just about everything but the kitchen sink.

Assembly is easy. The tank itself is cast in resin in four main sections, tracks X 2, superstructure and turret with all stowage cast on to add body and speed assembly. This is handy as were the modeler to have to add all these details separately it would result in quite a fragile model on tabletop. Some fine details (MGs, hatches) are cast in metal to be added.

Also included are four metal figures representing Oddball, the fez-hatted Turk and two half-mins to be placed in the forward hatches.

All round, an excellent kit.

Dan B
A Sherman Tank can give you an edge

Great film and great model. The tank went together no problem and has superb detail.
A joy to paint and has lovely touches taken from the film to set this apart from anything else that might face it on the tabletop.
Mine has pride of place in my display cabinet in lounge and is by far my favourite Bolt Action model.