Ham & Jam 2nd Edition
Can you land your first elements as close as Staff Sergeant James Harley Wallwork did on that fateful day? Upgrade to this amazing collector's edition, Ham and Jam set! Recreate this historical battle with all the elements in play! Look at...
Pegasus Bridge second edition
This remarkable laser-cut replica of Pegasus Bridge, along with scenery representing other key features of the battle site such as the Café Gondrée, gun emplacement, machine gun posts and bunker are all included in this superb battle-set, allowing you to...
Fortifications often prove costly to attack, and difficult to destroy. None more so perhaps than the Pantherturm! From 1943, Panther turrets were mounted in fixed fortifications; some were normal production models, but most were made specifically for the task, with...
US 168th Combat Assault
There were many brave defensive actions across the Ardennes but the 168th Combat engineers proved to be some of the toughest obstacles to the German advance. Read more about them here. This set contains a totally legal army with your...
Produce set
Set contains 14 unpainted metal crates
Flock of Sheep
Baaaa! Useful for representing sheep on the battlefield. These aren't quite as cuddly as the real thing but do have the advantage of fitting in your figure case. They also won't ruin your lawn. This pack provides you with six...
German D-Day Defenders
£69.00 £62.50
German D-Day Defenders
Deal contains the following: 3 x WW Europe Machine Gun Bunker 1 x Anti-Tank Obstacles plastic boxed set 1 x German Grenadiers plastic boxed set 1 x German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45) plus 1 x German Officer (binocs) FREE! and 1 x German...
£69.00 £62.50
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British D-Day Landing Force
1 x LCD Landing Craft 1 x British Infantry plastic boxed set 1 x M4 Plastic Sherman plus 1 x British Flamethrower & Combat Engineers FREE! Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£59.00 £54.50
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US D-Day Landing Force
1 x LCM Landing Craft 1 x American Infantry plastic boxed set 1 x M4 Plastic Sherman plus 1 x US Army 30 Cal MMG team redeploying FREE! Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Pacific Village Deal
This deal consists of one of each of the laser-cut Pacific buildings - more then enough to build a typical village. Each building is laser cut 2mm MDF with Laser etched detail,with removable roof and interior detail. Kits supplied unassembled...
Oil Barrel sprue
Pack contains 1 metal sprue of six barrels. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Dead Livestock
 We had so many requests for these that we could not resist to get these models made. In the pack you will get 2 dead cows and a dead horse, they have been dead for some time hence the stiff legs...
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