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Bolt Action Desert Warfare Catalogue PDF
The complete guide to our Bolt Action Western Desert product collections!
Bolt Action Starter - El Alamein Battle Set
Web Special Bolt Action starter - El Alamein Battle Set - Fight as the British 8th army or German Afrika Korps in this brand New Bolt Action starter set! This starter set gives you everything you need to play a...
£101.49 £85.00
Afrika Korps paint set
We at Warlord have put our heads together and sorted out the colours that we use to paint models, saving you the time looking through paint codes and giving you more time actually putting paint to model. Fantastic chaps that...
German Deutsches Afrika Korps, DAK - 1000pt Starter army
Under the command of the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel, field the new German Deutsches Afrikakorps DAK 1000 point force! The Deutsches Afrikakorps, also known as the DAK, was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North Africa campaign....
Afrika Korps Starter army
With the Infamous 88, a Panzer III tank and 30 + men to command this is the German Afrika Korps Starter army you must have! Sent to North Africa to bolster the Axis war effort in the Western Desert, the...
Afrika Korps
Sent to bolster their beleaguered Italian allies facing the combined forces of the British Commonwealth in North Africa, the Deutsches Afrika Korps proved a dangerous opponent. Commanded by the legendary Erwin Rommel, the Afrika Korps fought a series of ferocious...
German Afrika Korps and Command Bundle
The Axis forces come en masse and deliver many platoons into the western desert. Determined to push the 8th Army back and completely crush them, the Afrika Korps are ready to secure a front for the Fatherland and get them...
Afrika Korps Dice Bag
This fantastic dice bag is ideal for drawing your order dice from during a game of Bolt Action. When not being used in game where better to store the dice. You get the Afrika Korps dice bag and one pack...
from £27.00
Armies of Germany 2nd Edition
'Armies of Germany 2nd Edition' is a supplement for our award winning tabletop wargame Bolt Action, and deals with the German Army of World War II. Within you will find background and details of the German Army’s organisation and equipment from the beginning of the...
Western Desert Book with Special Miniature
When compared to the enormous campaigns waged on the Eastern Front and in Western Europe during World War II, the struggle in North Africa between the British Commonwealth and the Axis might seem an unimportant sideshow. However, its influence and...
Duel in the Sun
The heat builds up as we go from one theatre with extreme conditions to another, this time desert warfare in the African and Italian campaigns. Packed with explosive action from the initial clashes between the British and Italian armies in Libya, and...
German Army Propagandakompanie Cameraman
Battlefield Reporters were used throughout the Second World War by almost every side. They played a hugely important role in documenting the action and driving the propaganda machine – with all sides using the gathered footage to spin to their...
German High Command
Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Sold Out
1/72 Messerschmitt BF109E/Trop 2/JG27 Gazala 1941
The Bf 109E was the standard Luftwaffe fighter at the start of the Second World War. A familiar sight to British pilots as it was the only single engined Luftwaffe fighter in use during the Battle of Britain, where it...
Afrika Korps HQ
German officers were capable and often experienced leaders. Junior officers were trained to undertake the role of their immediate superiors, enabling them to use their initiative to take control of situations when necessary. Pack contains 5 HQ Command figures. Note:...
Afrika Korps MMG Team
The Germans were equipped with two excellent machine guns in the MG34 and rapid-firing MG42 - known to Allied troops as 'Hitler's Buzz Saw' because of its distinctive noise, or 'Spandau'. Unlike other armies, the Germans used the same machine...
Afrika Korps Medium Mortar Team
The standard German medium mortar of the war was the 80mm Granatwerfer 34. It was a very effective and accurate weapon that could provide longer range, on-call fire support. It had a maximum range of 2,400 metres and could maintain...
Afrika Korps 8.8cm Flak 37
Originally developed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Flak 37 8.8cm (or Eighty-eight as it became known by Allied troops) had a high muzzle velocity to allow it to reach the higher ranges modern bombers were capable of at the time. This...
Blitzkrieg German 88mm Flak 36 & limbers (1939-42)
Widely used throughout the war and in most theatres, the 88 was developed as an anti air-craft gun (FLAK is short for Flugzeugabwehrkanone meaning "aircraft-defensive cannon) but was occasionally also used as anti-tank artillery. As the conflict progressed, this gun...
Sd.Kfz 7 and 88mm Flak gun
 This is a Sdkfz 7 and an 88mm Flak gun and crew. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Afrika Korps 5cm PaK 38 anti-tank gun
Pack contains 1 metal gun and 3 metal crew miniatures Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
German Early Tank Attack Force (PzII & PzIV)
The führer would be pleased with this strike force, capable of sweeping over nations and crushing the combined forces of Western Europe. Blitzkrieg your way into the heart of the Allied forces and crush anyone who stands in the way...
Panzer Ia
Panzer Ia
Pack contains 1 metal and resin vehicle Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Panzer I Ausf. B
Fighting alongside the smaller Panzer I Ausf. A,the Ausf B initially formed a key element in the German-led Condor Legion during the civil war in Spain, facing the Soviet-supplied T-26 light tanks of the Republican cause. Having tested it's mettle...
Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C
The Panzer II (also known as Panzerkampfwagen II), was a light tank that saw action at the start of and throughout the war and an almost all battlefields. It was produced with many variants, but most were armed with a...
Panzer III (plastic)
The Panzer III Plastic Box allows you to make the Ausf J, L, M, or N variants. The Panzer III was one of the most numerous German tanks of the war, and was the mainstay of German armoured forces when...
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Panzer III Zug
The Panzer III Plastic Box allow you to make the Ausf J, L, M, or N variants. The Panzer III was one of the most numerous German tanks of the war, and was the mainstay of German armoured forces when...
Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H medium tank (plastic)
Whilst the propaganda headlines may well have gone to the big cats such as the Panther and the Tiger, the Panzer IV was the backbone of German armoured capability throughout the war. You can choose to build your Panzer IV...
Tiger I ausf H
The Tiger is probably the best known of all German tanks of World War II and certainly the tank most feared by the Allies! It was a lumbering monster of a tank and its 88mm gun was easily capable of...
Panzerjager I tank destroyer
The Panzerjager I (German "Tank Hunter 1") was the first of the German tank destroyers to see service in the Second World War. It mounted a Czech koda 4.7 cm (1.9 in) cm PaK (t) anti-tank gun on a converted...

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