Castillian Armoured Infantry A
The Castillian Armoured Infantry are classified as heavy infantry and are best suited to hold the line and absorb cavalry charges. Their heavy armour will allow them to withstand almost anything your opponent can throw at them; just make sure...
Castillian Armoured Infantry B
Heavy armour paired with spears and shields makes this unit ideal to absorb cavalry charges as long as their flanks are protected by other units! This pack contains 8 metal armoured infantrymen. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
El Cid: Ben Yusef's Black Guard A
The Black Guard were commanded by Yusuf ibn Tashfin who was the leader of the Berber Moroccan Almoravid empire. Coming from Africa to help the Muslims fight against Alfonso VI, and eventually winning. The Black Guard were stubborn and tough...
El Cid: Ben Yussef's Black Guard B
The Black Guard were Berbers, originating from North Africa after the Moroccan Empire took control. The mainstay of the army consisted of massed infantry armed with spears backed up by rear ranks of bowmen. This blister pack contains 8 metal...
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