Farmhouse Assault - La Haye Sainte Collectors Edition
On the evening of 17th June 1815, the German garrison of the large farmhouse La Haye Sainte (the sacred hedge) settled down to dry out. They were posted there by the Duke of Wellington who saw the solid building as...
from £310.00
Napoleonic French Grand Battery
But of course - one gun or even one battery may not be enough against your enemies, form up in to the impressive and deadly Grand Battery! This bundle contains: 3 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery 12-pdr Firing 2...
Napoleonic Wars: Baron Larrey's Flying Ambulance
Pack contains 1 resin and metal cart, 1 metal horse and 4 metal figures. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Napoleonic French Line Artillery Caisson
Looking to jazz up your artillery batteries with all the paraphernalia of an army on campaign? Grab this caisson for your French artillery! Packed with powder and shot, these wheeled carts were part of Napoleon's artillery train, ferrying supplies to...
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