McDonald's Animal Farm
Grab yourself a perfect little farm to have a home on any battlefield! This bundle contains: 1 Renedra Barn 2 Farm Animals Frames Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
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Farmyard Animals Frame
Plenty of animals on this plastic sprue, allowing a decent coverage on any tabletop. With this sprue you get: 2 Cows 1 Donkey 2 Sheep 1 Pig and 2 piglets 4 Chickens 2 Cats 1 Dog 2 Ducks 2 Geese...
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Farmyard Animals set
Double up on all your animal needs and really populate your lands. With this set you can get: 4 Cows 2 Donkeys 4 Sheeps 2 Pigs and 4 piglets 8 Chickens 4 Cats 2 Dogs 4 Ducks 4 Geese 2...
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Church (Italeri)
This superbly detailed and easy-to-build plastic church is a fantastic looking centrepiece for your wargames table and ideally suited to games played in Europe or the Mediterranean. Whether you are setting your games during the 17th Century, the Napoleonic Wars,...
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