Pike & Shotte rulebook
The Thirty Years War ravaged whole countries, as the first truly national armies marched over Europe. Meanwhile, Royalists and Pariamentarians fought for control of the nation in the English Civil War. Grand divisions, Tercios and wings of cavalry are yours...
To Kill A King
168 pages of colour rich information with an introduction by writer Charles Singleton, this supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the English Civil War. Included are detailed scenarios based on some of the...
Pike & Shotte - For King & Country
Pike & Shotte is a game of tabletop battles with model soldiers set in the 17th century. Pit your wits and tactics against your friends as armies clash in massed combat. This starter set gives you the splendid Pike &...
Pike & Shotte starter battalia
The perfect way to start your Pike& Shotte army or add additional units of the bravest Soldiers to your army. The Battalia includes the following: 80 Pike& Shotte Infantry - allowing you to make 24 pike men 48 muskets with...
Pike & Shotte Starter Battalia Expansion Set
Set contains: Pike & Shotte Command Harquebusiers boxed set Pike & Shotte light gun Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
English Civil Wars Roundhead/Cavalier Starter
Bundle contains Pike & Shotte starter battalia Pike & Shotte Command Harquebusiers boxed set Pike & Shotte light gun Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
£118.00 £105.00
New Model Army boxed set
The New Modelled Army of Parliament was a reaction to the indecisiveness of Parliamentary commanders throughout the early war. The Self Denying Ordinance (3rd April 1645) overhauled the old guard of officers and allowed radical changes to be made in...
Pike & Shotte Infantry Regiment plastic boxed set
The 17th Century saw the assembling of large regular armies equipped and supplied by the state. Many units, though not all, were uniformly attired for the first time, and formed into companies and regiments then finally brigaded together into tercios...
Harquebusiers boxed set
The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw the rise of the pike-armed infantryman as well as the increased firepower of black powder weapons on the field of battle. The heavy "shock" cavalry could either be fended off with long pikes or...
Armoured Pikemen
The pike blocks were the “Queen of the battlefield” in the 17th century, a solid block of the tallest and stoutest of the infantry and the basis for offensive or defensive actions. It was assumed to be a more ancient...
Firelock Storming Party plastic boxed set
Firelock companies were raised throughout the Civil Wars for a variety of purposes. Formed originally to fight in the wild bogs of Ireland where a flintlock was more easily handled than the clumsy matchlock, firelock-armed musketeers grew more common as...
Storming party with petard
When a fortification needed to be quickly breached a team carrying a petard – a wooden box filled with explosives – would be called on to blow open the defences. A petard team would be accompanied by other troops whose...
Dragoons boxed set
The role of the dragoon was still being defined in the wars of the 17th century. Dragoons later went on to become heavy shock cavalry who rarely got off their expensive horses. Our subjects fighting in the English Civil Wars...
Cuirassiers boxed set
Thundering across the field of battle, resplendent in their ornate plate armour and pistols held tightly in gauntleted hands the charge of a cuirassier regiment was something to behold! With luck the regiment would stop and perform their speciality –...
Pike & Shotte Cavalry plastic boxed set
The 17th Century saw large standing armies in action all over Europe, in numbers previously undreamt of, and huge numbers of infantry, artillery and cavalry were raised. The cavalry of the period were mostly of the heavy variety; big horses...
Pike & Shotte General's coach
The European wars that devastated the continent in the 17th Century were commanded by kings, nobles and the gentry, some of whom were well versed in the minutiae of battlefield strategy and tactics. Although many led by example, sometimes bravely...
Pike & Shotte Ordnance Battery
It was a rare thing for a general in the 17th Century to take to the field without an artillery train to intimidate and pulverise the enemy lines. These cannon and mortars were terrifying weapons, belching smoke and flames with...
The Army of Montrose army deal
This set contains: -  3x Montrose Irish boxed sets  2x Highland Clansmen boxed sets 1x Scots Lancers boxed set 1x Scots Covenanters boxed set (Strathbogie regiment)  1x Scots Dragoons Set 1x Scots Frame Gun The Marquis of Montrose on Horseback...
ECW Montrose Starter Army
We've pulled together these great starter army deals so you can easily start a new force and save yourselves a few pounds at the same time! 2 Irish Brigade Infantry Boxes (48 infantry) 2 Highlanders Box Set (38 Infantry) 1...
Montrose Irish boxed set
The Irish Brigade were a Brigade of three veteran regiments brought over from Ireland by Charles 1. They were all largely Irish and Catholic and had been fighting for some time in the Thirty Years War in Continental Europe.They formed...
ECW Scots Covenanter Starter Army
Contains: 2 x Covenanter Infantry Boxes (40 infantry) 1 x Scots Lancers Box (12 Cavalry) 1 x Scots Dragoons Box (12 mounted & 12 dismounted dragoons) 1 x Scots Saker Gun & Crew 1 x Scots Frame Gun with Mule...
Scots Covenanters plastic boxed set
There is a compelling thrill about the sight of a Scottish Government army drawn up for battle. Dour-faced hardmen from the lowlands of Scotland drawn up in their trademark Hodden Grey uniforms, topped with their distinctive blue-knitted bonnets, the Covenanters...
Highland Clansmen boxed set
The skirl of the pipes is perhaps one of the eeriest sounds that you can hear, more so if you were a Covenanter soldier in the Civil Wars in Britain 1642-1650 awaiting the approach of Montrose' wild Highlanders! The Scottish...
Scots Dragoons boxed set
This box contains: Warlord are giving your Covenanter infantry some much-needed support in the form of Covenant lowland Scottish Dragoons.  Using our metal and plastic Dragoons boxed set we have put in 24 Scots bonnets (the defining mark of Scottish...
Scots Lancers boxed set
Scotland's Covenanter armies fought hard in all of the three civil wars in the British Isles and, indeed, on the Continent as mercenaries for various Protestant states and Kings. The Covenant armies were well-equipped and well-paid unusual for the times....
Sold Out
Scots Covenanter Paint Set
We at Warlord have put our heads together and sorted out the colours that we use to paint models, saving you the time looking through paint codes and giving you more time actually putting paint to model.  Fantastic chaps the...
Pike & Shotte Surgeon
Or Chirugeon to be really accurate.  The obvious follow-up to our successful Roman Medicus release; medical technology seems to have taken a turn for the worse!  This will make a characterful diorama, objective or the ultimate casualty marker!Contains 1 surgeon,...
Pike & Shotte Mounted Commander
Pack contains 1 mounted metal figure with a choice of 2 heads. Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Sir Edmund Verney
Sir Edmund Verney was a dyed in the wool Royalist, appointed member of parliament for Buckingham and Knight Marshal of England for life, which required his presence at court. While he had a deep personal loyalty to King Charles, he...
Prince Maurice
Prince Maurice of the Rhine was the younger brother of the illustrious Prince Rupert, who commanded King Charles' cavalry for much of the English Civil War. Maurice fought alongside his brother on numerous occasions, joining him in the wild cavalry...

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