The Commandos are an elite fighting force within the British Army who specialise in launching lightning raids - and were part of some of the most evocative actions of the war - such as the raids at St Nazaire and Bruneval, and the disastrous landings at Dieppe.

The Commandos of World War Two used some specialised equipment to undertake their actions - from the Vickers-K Machine Gun, cockle canoes, the Comet tank, the unmistakable Fairbairn–Sykes fighting knife - and of course, the Green Beret.

Normandy Royal Marine Commando Troop
Veteran First Lieutenant 91pts
Additional Soldier 14 pts
Veteran RM Commando Sub-Section (8 man) 112pts
Every man takes an SMG (2pts each) 16pts
Veteran RM Commando Sub-Section (8 man) 112pts
One soldier takes an LMG 20pts
Regular Forward Artilliery Observer 0pts
Additional Soldier 10pts
Veteran RM Medium Mortar Team 68pts
Veteran RM Piat Team 54pts
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