LVT(A)-4 75mm AMTANK
As the re-taking of the islands continued in the Pacific it was quickly realised that the 37mm of the LVT(A)-1 didn't quite have the firepower needed to dig out an entrenched enemy. The need for a heavier fire support version...
Sold Out
US/Allied LVT-4 "Buffalo" Amtrac
The Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT) was a small amphibious landing craft, introduced by the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Army during World War II. The LVT-4 Buffalo was by far the most numerous version, with over 8,000 vehicles produced....
M24 Chaffee, US light tank
Conceived to replace the M3/M5 Stuart light tanks, the M24 Chaffee fought in US service during the later years of WWII and on into the Korean War. The Chaffee also served with British and Russian forces during the Second World War....
Sherman M4A3 75mm Tank
Contains: 1 x Resin and Metal tank Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
M26 Pershing heavy tank
Brought in towards the end of WW2 by the US army, the M26 Pershing was designed and built to counter the German heavy tanks like the Tiger and King Tiger. With its 90mm gun - the highest calibre available to...
M46 Patton heavy tank
The M46 Patton was designed to replace the M26 Pershing & the M4 Sherman. It was one of the U.S Army's principal tanks of the early Cold War, serving from 1949 up to the mid-1950s. The only American combat use...
M7 Priest self-propelled gun
Rumbling onto the battlefield comes the M7 Priest, the workhorse of the motorised artillery units, bringing unparalleled close fire support to the US and British armies. In 1941 a converted prototype, the T32, based on the early M3 Lee chassis was...
M16 MGMC AA half-track
Pack contains 1 resin and metal vehicle Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
US Army Jeep with 50 Cal HMG
Developed for reconnaissance and liaison duties, the jeep was well suited to a variety of roles and was even used in airborne landings. Cost: 42pts (inexperienced), 46pts (Regular), 50pts (Veteran). Weapons: Pintle-mounted HMG with 360° arc of fire. Damage value:...
'Deuce' 2-and-a-half ton truck with 50cal.MG
The workhorse of the US army as well as doing sterling service with many other countries during World War II and for many years afterwards this 2 1/2 ton truck is a symbol of the US war machine. Originally manufactured...
Centurion Mk III
The Centurion tank began as a Cruiser type in 1943 but the design of the sloped armour elevated it to an infantry style tank. Further developments in technology, upgraded powerplant, upgraded main gun, added stabilizer all increased the performance of...
Sherman M4A3E8 'Easy Eight'
The M4 Sherman was originally fitted with an M3 75mm gun. It was deemed that losses from superior German Panzers during WW2 were higher than expected. The M1A1 76mm gun was an improvement but the turret on the original M4...
M39 armoured utility vehicle
Built on the chassis on the M-18 Hellcat, the M39 was designed during the latter days of WWII. Though, it didn't see combat action until the Korean War. This armoured utility vehicle was used as a prime mover for 3”...
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